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Escape From the Land of Death

a short story by Marshall Price

†    Iam (ēəm)

         Me and my friend Pete lived in a land of pain, a land of darkness, and sadness. But, there was a wonderful land; we could see but could not get across to this land because there was a barrier, a never ending abyss from east to the west. We were trapped, on the burned land. We could see flowers in the wonderful One day a man came to our land from that land. He was a beautiful man. He told us that we could also cross; we could walk across the barrier like he did. The man said his name was Iam. Iam invited my friend Pete to go back with him. Pete went with Iam. We watched him intently. We could see no bridge. It looked like he was walking on air across the abyss. When he was almost there, he looked down and saw how far down the abyss went. He could not see the bottom. He started to fall. Iam grabbed him and brought him back to us.
         Iam started talking to us. He said, "You are dying here. You have to listen to me. I will tell you how to live forever in my land."
         Many people said, "This is lame." They left thinking Iam was telling lies.
         Iam told us, "All you have to do is trust me and I will save you from this land. I will take you to my country." Some more people left, but Iam kept talking. He told us his land was better than what we could ever imagine. He told us that if we only believed him he would lead us across to his land. More and more people were leaving. Some of my friends even left. Some people wanted to stay so Iam kept talking. He told us that he wanted to take all of us with him, but he also said, "I cannot make you go with me. You have to trust me." He told us we had to believe him and believe that we could walk across if we were not afraid to fall. Iam said, "Pete fell, because he did not trust me."
         "Once there was no way across. I made a great sacrifice to build the bridge. You cannot see it but if you believe in it, It will save you" Then Iam said, "I will lead all of you that want to go."
         We finally decided to go with Iam, even though we could not see a bridge.
         Iam was talking the whole way across; he was encouraging us and saying, "You should not look down. You should not look back. You will not fall if you are not afraid of falling; if you look down you will be afraid to fall and you will fall. Look at me instead. The land on the other side is beautiful; it has flowers and it doesn't have any weeds. Every one is happy and there is no sadness. Nothing is ugly. Everything is magnificent." We kept listening to him and trusting him. And that made the trip easier. Before we knew it we were there in that wonderful land we had dreamed about.
         Our lives were going to last forever. We get to live with Iam, the man who led us every step of the way across, our Savior.

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The Room of Enjoyments

a poem by Marshall Price

There is a room that has no door
Anyone that wants to enter can just walk through its walls
The walls are solid for those who do not wish to enter
But for those who 'want'
The walls are like a liquid door way that leaves dry
Therefore, it is indestructible
For those who wish to destroy do not want to keep
Once one is in the room it is infinite in size
Representing the never-ending possibilities
The room is full of fun and enjoyment
What each person wants
Whatever they enjoy or see as fun is in the room
Thus, the room is different for everyone who enters it's walls
One is able to leave whenever he wants
And upon exiting
The room's final gift
Is that no time has passed since he entered

Is it good?
Is it bad?
Is it neither?
Is it both?
In this room greed and selfishness run rampant
or do they not because the have been cured
no they have just been fed
Allowing for growth leading to more hunger
Hunger is fine
We have infinite food
but when there is not infinite food
that is when greed and selfishness are a problem
But if we keep him in the infinite supply
He forgets truth
He believes lies
he does not truly understand life
He becomes the king in the room
he does as he pleases
And forgets what life is
But if he never leaves
What harm does he do?

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